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Welcome to the official website of the Illinois Corn Growers Association.  (ICGA) and Illinois Corn Marketing Board (ICMB), representing the interests of corn farmers in Illinois.

ICGA works to constantly improve the business climate along with the regulatory and policy environment for corn production at the local, state and national level. ICGA members choose to join the organization because they take an active interest in policy development and regulatory framework. ICGA members build on the work of the ICMB, led by volunteer corn farmers who direct work, striving to create and sustain market access through research, new product development, education and public promotion.

Agriculture is Illinois’ largest industry, contributing billions of dollars to the state's economy each year. Corn has been the largest provider of food, feed, and fuel for generations. Illinois corn farmers help urban and rural areas, providing the foundation for processing, manufacturing, export and livestock sectors in our economy.

To accomplish the goal of maintaining a strong economy and profitability in the corn industry, the two boards work hand-in-hand with numerous cooperating organizations like the National Corn Growers Association the United States Grain Council (USGC), U.S. Meat Export Federation, U.S. Poultry and Egg Export Council, and the Renewable Fuels Association. We navigate issues ranging from ethanol and transportation infrastructure to trade relations. We strive to increase sales of corn and corn co-products like ethanol and dried distillers grains by educating national leaders about the value of Illinois corn to our nation and to the world.

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