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Would you like to receive the ICGA Political Papers, an IL Corn Political Action Committee Newsletter? Email Lindsay Mitchell at to request an electronic copy as it is published! Click the icon for your convenience =====>
January 2016 Political Papers
Learn more about what our Political Action Committee is doing for you and what you can do to support efforts.
March 2015 Political Papers
Learn more about Trade Promotion Authority and what it means for Illinois farmers.
September 2014 Political Papers
Learn more about how you can help support our efforts and preservation of your farm, family, and future.
April 2014 Political Papers
Learn more about three important initiatives in the General Assembly - GMO labeling, independent drawing of district maps, and our Consumer Fuel Choice for IL bill. Also read up on the WRDA bill we expect to pass in May!
June 2013 Political Papers
In this issue, grab some pointers on how to make the most of the time your elected officials are back home during the August recess. Also take a closer look at the demographics of the electorate and how that could change the way we work with Washington, DC!
December 2012 Political Papers
Learn more about action in the Illinois General Assembly regarding E15, our new Director of Ag Bob Flider, and how the Illinois Congressional Delegation look for agriculture post elections.
August 2012 Political Papers
ICGA is lobbying for a Farm Bill Now! Learn more about these efforts as well as new General Assembly action and a Corn Farmers Coalition update.
January 2012 Political Papers
Take a closer look at the candidates running in the Presidential primary. You might also be interested to learn how Illinois is NOT supporting livestock growth and how ICGA is creating better crop insurance for you!
July 2011 Political Papers
Understand what your leadership advocated for during a recent lobbying visit to Washington, DC. And why do we believe the Farm Bill might come in 2011? Click here to find out!
May 2011 Political Papers
What has the Illinois General Assembly been accomplishing? Will we see Congress approve Free Trade Agreements with Colombia, Panama, and Korea? How should we be talking about new Farm Policy? Read more!
November 2010 Political Papers
We'll be working with a new political climate and new representation in 2011. What does that mean for Illinois corn farmers? Also a look forward to the Illinois redistricting process.
April 2010 Political Papers
Will Illinois Corn finally accomplish getting some funding appropriated for lock and dam upgrades? Click here to find out!
January 2010 Political Papers
Agriculture is at war with the U.S. EPA! Read our newsletter to understand this debate better. Also find out which candidates IL Corn supported in 2009.
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