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KIC BY 2025

“Keep it for the Crop by 2025” is a new, collaborative program to promote, implement and track the rate of adoption of enhanced nutrient stewardship practices by Illinois agricultural producers.  KIC by 2025 will focus on the 4R’s of Nutrient Stewardship:  Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time, Right Place.

The Illinois Council on Best Management Practices (CBMP) will implement the KIC by 2025 program.  CBMP’s members include the Illinois Corn Growers Association, Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association, Illinois Soybean Association, Illinois Pork Producers and Syngenta Crop Protection.  Gary Hudson, a corn grower and President of CBMP, said “Farmers are very concerned about good stewardship and water quality.  That is why we developed the KIC program and we encourage everyone to help us in our efforts to educate not only growers, but our communities as well as this program goes forward.”    

KIC by 2025 lays out a framework to continually promote, implement and measure adoption of the 4R system by producers and agricultural retailers who provide custom nutrient application.  According to Jean Payne, President of the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association (IFCA), the industry is also working to secure dedicated funding from the ag sector for KIC by 2025 with state legislation that creates the Illinois Nutrient Research & Education Council.  In the meantime, start-up funding for the program is being provided by the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, the Illinois Soybean Association and IFCA fertilizer manufacturer members Agrium, CF Industries, Koch Fertilizer, The Mosaic Company and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan. 

Farmers realize that by using the best adaptive conservation strategies that are research based, they can reduce nutrient losses, and enhance farm economics while sustaining soil fertility and thus productivity. This research is critically important to develop the definitive practices that will be needed to accomplish this goal. It must always be recognized that nature, particularly the timeliness of rainfall events, can impede or change even the best planned nutrient strategies. We will however work within the best of our capabilities to reduce nutrient losses in our unpredictable environment.

KIC by 2025 will seek to educate the agricultural sector, dedicate significant resources toward research to reduce nutrient losses and enhance nutrient efficiency, educate suppliers and farmers and ensure the adoption of in-field practices to enhance nutrient stewardship. KIC will also support youth education programs to educate all youth about the importance of good stewardship practices in communities and in agricultural production to improve water quality. Farmers are stewards of the land who realize their efforts will impact future generation’s ability to provide abundant food, feed and fuel to the US and the world. 

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