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WATER: Illinois ranks number 1 in the nation in corn exports because of our vibrant waterway transportation system.  Read more about our efforts to upgrade locks and dams here.

Most of the corn leaving on a barge via the river is loaded into a container.  Containers are shipped to Asia and throughout the world.  Illinois Corn supports the development of container load-out facilities across the state to make better use of this huge advantage.

RAIL: Illinois Corn invests in rail working with the CREATE project and GORAIL because a significant portion of our crop ileave the state on rail headed for Texas, Mexico, and the southern states.  However, one of our biggest priorities remains upgrading the lock and dam system on the Mississippi, Illinois, and Ohio Rivers because the waterway system gives Illinois an enormous logistical advantage over other states.

To learn more about GoRail check out these fact sheets:

GoRail Facts



ROAD: Even though a significantly smaller portion of our product is transported via truck, we still have to invest in roads and bridges, especially to get our crop to market!  Here is a three part study IL Corn worked on, showing us the status of the bridges in Illinois and resulting in a list of the top ten bridges that need funding and renovation as soon as funding is available!

Illinois Infrastructure Report

Illinois Agriculture Transportation Infrastructure Compendium

Illinois Infrastructure Bridges

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