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Trade Missions

There are literally hundreds of buyers visiting Illinois every year, inspecting the corn crop as it grows and monitoring yields just as close as our local corn farmers.  Within the past year, representatives from Japan, China, Panama, Mexico, Korea, Dominican Republic, and all over Latin America have traveled to Illinois, learning about corn production in Illinois, logistics and transportation, and risk management.  Always, Illinois Corn is able to link international buyers with sellers here in Illinois of either number 2 yellow corn, other grades of corn, or DDGS.

In addition, Illinois corn farmers travel to other countries with Illinois Corn learning about foreign markets, infrastructure challenges, end-user needs, storage constraints, and other information needed to best serve our international consumers.  Recently, Illinois corn farmers have participated in missions to Brazil (learning about indirect land use and sugar cane ethanol production), Mexico (discussing livestock markets and transportation needs), and Panama (seeing the Panama Canal expansion and how that can affect transportation needs in the US.)

Learn more: Trade Missions: Why They are Important

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