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Lou Lamoreux was raised on a fourth generation family farm near Lanark, Illinois.  After graduating from Lanark High School in 1967, he continued to further his education at Western Illinois University, graduating in 1971 with a degree in Ag Education.

Lou taught agriculture at Rantoul Township High School for 3 years before purchasing 160 acres in 1974.  He then returned to Lanark area to farm with his father, Russell, and brother, John.  The three formed the Lamoreux Farms partnership.  Lou’s son, Nathan joined the partnership in 2004. Lamoreux Farms partnership now consists of Lou, brother John, son Nathan and nephew Dan. Nathan and Dan are the fifth generation of Lamoreuxs’ farming the same land, with some additional acres, and with their three sons, we have high hopes the family farm will continue.

The farm originally consisted of a cattle and swine operation as well as crops of corn, soybeans, oats, hay and pasture.  The swine operation discontinued in 2001.

Lou has been active in many different organizations.  He is a former member of the Carroll County Pork Producers, serving as President for five years, the Carroll County Board, serving as Finance and Committee Chair, and former President of Rantoul Jaycees.  He is a current member of the Carroll County Farm Bureau, Lanark Lions Club (served as President in 2008), and a member of Lanark United Methodist Church (serving as chair of Trustee Committee and former chair of Pastor/Parish Committee.

Lou married Sue Ellen Baughmon in 1971 and they have four children and thirteen grandchildren.