Lindsay Mitchell

Nov 07, 2017  |  Today's News |  Biotechnology

This month, just in time for Thanksgiving and food celebrations all over America, the new non-browning Arctic Apple will be available in grocery stores in the Midwest.


The apple joins nine other commercially available foods in the U.S.: cotton, corn, soybeans, papaya, sugar beet, canola, alfalfa, Innate Potato, and summer squash.  Notably, the Arctic Apple is the first GMO food engineered to please consumers instead of farmers.


Small biotech companies are watching eagerly to see if sales take off or remain stagnant on this product. 


There's no evidence that genetically modified foods cause any health problems, but the technology is still controversial, with some consumers willing to pay more for food with GMO-free labeling.


However, experts agree that if a non-browning apple leads to more apple slices in American lunch boxes, the GMO technology is a good thing.  According to nutritionists, eating more fruits and vegetables is a much healthier choice than avoiding fruits or vegetables based on a fear of production techniques.


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