Lindsay Mitchell

Oct 17, 2018  |  Today's News |  Livestock

Little by little, new pig farms are popping up all over Illinois, often driven by young farmers that want to bring their families back to the farm to experience the same way of life that they did.  IL Corn is excited to be a part of the opportunity for young men and women to come back to rural Illinois via pig farms.


The State of Illinois has a wonderful, straightforward process for existing pig farms to expand or for new pig farms to determine the proper site for their barns.  The Livestock Management Facilities Act, LMFA, sets out the rules and regulations that farmers must follow to build or expand their barns.


Within that process, IL corn farmers are often able to support the new or expanding pig farms by submitting comments of support. 


We love supporting these new farms in this way, but in one other really important way: attending new barn open houses.


It’s a growing trend among Illinois farm families to open their new barns up for the public to get a closer look at how the pigs will be raised in their communities.  If you’re interested in that sort of up close and personal look at some of the newer barns in Illinois, you can check it out right here:


Check out the inside of the Dunkirk Family’s new barn in Farmersville, IL or see how the Meurer Family will raise pigs on their farm in Ashton, IL.  The stories are all right here. 


And IL Corn is elated to be a small part of that progress and growth of the Illinois pork industry.


Happy Pork Month!