Lindsay Mitchell

Nov 13, 2018  |  Today's News |  Exports

The U.S. Grains Council, funded by the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, has been working with a new generation of livestock nutritionists in Taiwan to help them understand how to use U.S. distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) correctly in animal feed and rations. 


The Council used Market Access Program (MAP) funds, allocated in past farm bills, to run the programs that achieved growth in this market.  The Foreign Market Development (FMD) program, a partner to MAP and also authorized in the farm bill, is currently expired and unfunded because Congress allowed the 2014 farm bill to expire.



Taiwan is now the 12th largest market for U.S. DDGS. U.S. DDGS imports in Taiwan increased from 212,997 tons in the 2015/2016 marketing year to 267,410 tons in the 2016/2017 marketing year, a 25.5 percent increase. The value of the increased sales of 54,400 tons of DDGS is estimated at $8.9 million.


The Council worked with National Animal Industry Foundation (NAIF), feed mills, producer associations, and appropriate universities to conduct 12 conferences, meetings and training courses for promoting the applications of DDGS over the course of the year. These activities included:

  • Consultation to introduce the values and benefits of using DDGS in hog, poultry and aquaculture feed and provide an update on mycotoxin and antibiotic residues in DDGS, in April 2017.
  • Consultation to help promote DDGS by visiting 23 feed mills, presenting at eight seminars and writing two articles for Taiwan Feed Industry Magazine on the nutrition, quality, and application of DDGS to feed mill technicians, hog producers, and poultry producers.
  • Organization of an eight-member U.S. Grain Production and Quality Study Team that visited POET Bio-refining in Laddonia, Missouri, where members acquired information on the production and quality of DDGS. One member of this mission subsequently placed a trial order with POET Bio-refining in November for 100 metric tons of DDGS.


The Council used $30,000 in MAP funds for its Taiwanese DDGS marketing program in 2017, generating a return on investment (ROI) of $297 per $1 of MAP invested.