Lindsay Mitchell

Jun 14, 2019  |  Today's News |  Locks and Dams

According to the Russell Marine Group, a logistical coordination company working on the rivers, the inland waterway transportation system and everything within is stressed and upside down, with barge logistics are totally out of balance. 

"There are hundreds of loaded barges choked off above St Louis unable to move to export markets. Empty barge availability in New Orleans is limited and costly.  Roads and bridges in flooded areas limit rail and truck movements.  Ships are backing up in New Orleans waiting for cargo deliveries."   
Sooner or later flood waters will recede.  However, the consequences and repercussions will be felt for some time before returning to normal.

Mississippi River- La. Bridge Mile 282 and above to Minneapolis - closed due high water until June 18 – 20. St Louis Harbor: Closed due high water until June 19 – 21.  Water levels at or near flood stage on lower Miss.  Traffic is moving with tow size restrictions and safety protocols.

Illinois River - Closed due high water until June 19 – 22
Arkansas River - Closed due to High water. Reopening uncertain.  Expect best case opening 2nd – 3rd week July.
Ohio River - Water levels are normal and traffic moving normally
NOLA / Baton Rouge Harbors- 16.8 Ft and holding. Strict flood stage protocol in place until levels drop below 16 ft. Currently will not drop below 16 ft until late 2nd Half July. River stage in Nola is now in the longest sustained flood stage level on record.