U of I FarmDoc Team Releases Conservation Lease Addendum

Jun 29, 2020  |  Today's News |  Conservation |  Precision Conservation Management

U of I FarmDoc Team Releases Conservation Lease Addendum

Many farmers and landowners are interested in incorporating various conservation practices on their farms but find conversations and negotiations with absentee landowners or cooperating farmers difficult. New conservation lease addendum templates created by the University of Illinois’ FarmDoc team can help.


The goal is always to get landowners and tenants on the same page when it comes to conservation. Whether you are interested in exploring something like adding cover crops to your acres, or simply want to change nitrogen application timing, a conversation guide can help.


These templates can become part of your continued lease renewal discussions and can make sure you touch on all the important elements of changing management practices on your acres. You can do as little as fill in the blanks and use the template exactly as provided or as much as build your own agreement simply using the template as a conversation starter.


Whatever you do, we realize that considering conservation on every acre is important. IL Corn wants to support farmers and landowners so that every acre in Illinois has healthy soils and clean water for our future generations.

Conservation Habitat Addendum


Nutrient Management Addendum


Soil Health and Conservation Addendum