Trade Teams Utilize Other Resources

Collin Watters

Oct 14, 2021  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  ICMB |  Exports

Mark and Cristin Wilson welcomed a video crew to their farm to see corn harvest in action. IL Corn staff and our partners at the US Grains Council and Illinois Pork Producers will use these videos to tell the farmer’s story to a broad audience of customers. Customers targeted will be from both in-state and overseas.


Travel restrictions continue to severely limit our ability to host foreign trade missions in Illinois, so we’re investing in high quality videos that we’ll use to supplement “virtual trade teams”, which are becoming an important tool to reach buyers around the world.  Illinois is the top origin for corn exports from the US, so it’s critical that we share our farmers’ perspectives on issues like sustainability, crop quality, and farm economics with customers wherever they might be.