10 Gift Ideas from IL Corn

Tara Desmond

Dec 08, 2022  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  ICMB |  Biotechnology |  Public Outreach

Looking for a last minute gift idea?
        First - Don't forget last year's gifts.

        Then check out 5 gifts related to corn AND 5 gifts to help you on the farm.

5 Gifts Related to Corn in Some Way


the number 1 green

Corn Plastic Adhesive Organizer

Store items in a cute way on the wall in this corn decor.

number 2 red

Unique Corn Nibblet Snacks

Give this gift to your co-workers, employees or family! They even have an option to customize a label.

number 3 green

Popcorn from Your Local Farmer Friend

Less than 1% of corn grown in IL is popcorn.  Support those local growers.  Here's another list. Are you a popcorn farmer and aren't on this list? Contact us so we can add you!

number 4 red

Let Fish Feast on Some Fake Corn

Check out this cute bait set.

number 5 green

Personalized Headbands for Any Occasion

These headbands are made from corn plastic.  Buy one for Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary or just a Wednesday!



5 Gifts for the Farm

21 Tools in Your Pocket

A multi-tool you can use on the farm.



This helps with wear and tear when hithing up tillage equipment on your tractor's drawbar.


Heavy-Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

This locks onto the grease zerk.

Clamp Meter

Use this volt meter with amp clamp to check electric motors around the farm to troubleshoot potential problems.

Battery Heated Gloves

Make sure you stay warm in cold months with these heated gloves.


Thanks to Hastings Farms for help with the on farm gifts!