Dr. Laura Gentry to Speak at NASA Booth for 2nd Time at Commodity Classic

Tara Desmond

Jan 26, 2023  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Conservation |  Precision Conservation Management

NASA doesn’t disappoint with their famous Hyperwall.  NASA's Hyperwall is a video wall capable of displaying multiple high-definition data visualizations simultaneously across an arrangement of screens. Functioning as a key component at the NASA exhibit at Commodity Classic, the Hyperwall will be used again to help explain agricultural examples of world change.

Last year, Dr. Laura GenLaura Gentry in front of NASA Hyperwalltry,Director of Water Quality Science at IL Corn, was invited to speak using this extraordinary technology and had a packed house as she spoke on Precision Conservation Management (the conservation program in Illinois).  PCM uses on site data to help farmers make better management decisions that improve soil health, water quality and address climate change concerns.  


This year, Gentry returns to the stage to spotlight real farmer stories and how their conservation decisions have impacted their farms and communities. These powerful narrations will illustrate the positive impact on water quality nationwide, from Illinois to the Gulf of Mexico.


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