CFAP Guidance with Additional Resources

Jun 10, 2020  |  Today's News |  Legislation & Regulation

In an effort to help you be more prepared for your appointment or complete the application at home, we’ve compiled some resources for your use in regards to the CFAP program.



- Enrollment is open now – August 28, however due to limited funds you are encouraged to apply earlier rather than later

- Program is for unpriced grain, dairy, and livestock (all inventory). Basis contracts are included in this program

- IL Corn, IL Soy & IL Farm Bureau sponsored a Farmdoc webinar to further explain and discuss the program, it can be found here

- Applications can be filled out at home and sent in (electronically or mail) or returned in person by appointment


Resources Available: 

- 1 page fact sheet from FSA- this includes the table of what bushels are covered

 - Screenshot of some of the application 

- A PDF copy of the instructions for one of the application pages


The Application:

- Find the application here  (

- Download, and save a copy to your computer
- You will most likely have to “enable content” and “allow macros” for the excel sheets to function properly
- There are 5 sheets (the tabs at the bottom of the excel document)

        - Most of the information you enter on the 1st sheet will automatically transfer to the following sheets
        - 4 need to be completed, 1 is the instructions for the  AD-3114 form (these instructions are also attached)


If you electronically sign or paste your signature you can email the application. Otherwise, print the pages, sign and scan to send. You can also complete, print, sign, and bring the completed application to your appointment at the FSA office.