Everything You Wanted to Know about Biofuels Policy: Past and Present

Lindsay Mitchell

Jul 01, 2021  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Ethanol

Everything You Wanted to Know about Biofuels Policy: Past and Present

Agri-Pulse’s latest “Deep Dive” podcast focused on biofuels can be a great primer for anyone wanting to learn more and recenter themselves on ethanol policy and market drivers.  Checkout the six-part series here.


With podcasts focusing on the history of biofuels policy, the history of electric vehicles, and what’s up in Washington, DC concerning both, everyone stands to benefit from checking out the very comprehensive guide.


Deep Dive on Biofuels Introduction


Episode One: Running on E

To understand where the biofuels industry wants to go, it's helpful to understand where it has been.


Episode Two: LCFS 101

In this episode, we investigate a low carbon fuel standard and explore the issues with one already on the books.


Episode Three: Three Years Away

Explore what happened and what is up ahead for cellulosic biofuels.


Episode Four: Electric Slide

Understand the history of electric vehicles, legislative efforts on the subject, and where biofuels groups hope to plug in their influence.


Episode Five: Holding Pattern

Hear from the folks debating biofuels policy in Washington since the passage of the Renewable Fuel Standard and what's up ahead.