ICGA Meets with Elected Officials

Luke Miller

Jul 13, 2021  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Legislation & Regulation

ICGA Meets with Elected Officials


Connecting with elected officials is more difficult with Washington, D.C. closed, but your association has worked to build connections while elected officials are in their districts. Over the summer, IL Corn Growers Association has met with Illinois legislators to discuss pressing issues like the farm bill, trade, ethanol, infrastructure packages and the potential to rework tax structure.


In June, ICGA President Randy DeSutter hosted Congresswoman Cheri Bustos to his farm in Woodhull. ICGA members were able to ask questions about future goals of Congresswoman Bustos and her opinion on when a bipartisan farm bill would go into effect. Members also discussed crop reports, concerns with stepped-up basis and issues that future generational farmers will face regarding capital income.


Congresswoman Bustos has been an advocate for IL Corn Growers throughout her eight years in Congress. She currently serves on the House Agriculture Committee, as well as being the chair for the subcommittee of General Farm Commodities and Risk Management. This puts her in a great position to set Illinois farmers up for success in a new Farm Bill.

Congressmen Darin LaHood and Rodney Davis visited Rodney Weinzierl’s farm to discuss policies on stepped-up basis and the need for traditional infrastructure. They reiterated the importance of being involved in government and reaching out to legislators on issues that matter most to them. The Representatives also thanked ICGA for their continuous support and highlighted the close connection between them and the group.

ICGA farmers leaders also connected with Congressman Adam Kinzinger this month. The group discussed ethanol legislation, Kinzinger’s legislative priorities for the future, and the viability of an infrastructure bill that would include funds to upgrade locks and dams on the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.


Would you like an easy was to connect with your elected officials? Text “ilcorn” to 52886 to get enrolled in IL Corn’s text advocacy system. We’ll keep you connected!