Election Overview - David Beaudreau and David Crow

|  Nov, 13, 2020

David Beaudreau and David Crow, ICGA lobbyists, talked about the outcome of the election and what we can expect to see in agriculture. Farmers from across the state submitted questions and also hear from IL Corn's Membership and Grassroots Advocacy Manager.

Field to Market Collaboration of the Year - Clay Bess

|  Nov, 13, 2020

Get to know Clay Bess, Lead Precision Conservation Management Specialist and hear about PCM's newest award.

State of Illinois Election Overview - Liz Brown Reeves and Rich Clemmens

|  Nov, 23, 2020

Hear insight from ICGA's lobbyist Liz Brown Reeves and Rich Clemmons about what farmers can expect after election results in the next coming months.