Ethanol is the fastest growing corn market.


The Illinois Corn Growers Association tackles legislative barriers to a growing ethanol market, like moving the E10 tax savings to E15 in Illinois to give consumers an additional financial incentive to fuel up with E15. Additionally, ICGA continues a push for a Reid Vapor Pressure waiver for E15 and for expanded ethanol trade.


The Illinois Corn Marketing Board is updating ethanol infrastructure so that when the legislative barriers are removed, we’re ready to fuel up Illinois!  ICMB also promotes your fuel through programs with local retailers.


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What in the husk are corn plastics?

Tara Desmond

January 25th, 2022  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Biotechnology |  Ethanol

You already know that corn can be a solution to so many of our world’s climate challenges, but do you know enough about each renewable opportunity to explain it to your off-the-farm peers? In this...