Think you need a big field to grow corn?  Think again!  With just a few common household items and some corn kernels, you can be on your way to growing corn in the classroom or at home.  Just follow these simple instructions:


What you will need:

  1. Five to six corn kernels

  2. Paper towels

  3. One sandwich-size zipper-lock bag

  4. Water

  5. Black markers


  1. Wet a paper towel completely, and then wring out excess water.

  2. Put five to six corn kernels in the center of the paper towel. (Using this many kernels will increase the chances of sprouting.)

  3. Put the paper towel and the kernels in the zipper-lock bag so that the kernels can be seen. Close the bag and label it.

  4. Lay the bag in a place exposed to natural daylight or a grow lamp, where you can observe it.

  5. Check on the bag regularly, water the kernels and watch the corn grow. (When the corn grows too tall for the bag, unzip the top.)