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Over half of the corn produced in Illinois (more than one billion bushels) is exported out of the state every year. Our largest foreign buyers are Japan, Mexico, and South Korea, but a significant amount of Illinois corn also goes to China, Central America, and the western US. Most all of the corn exported ends up as animal feed.

Illinois also exports DDGS, a by-product from ethanol production. Read more about DDGS here.


  • Free Trade Agreements Work
    Although the Trump administration has reversed the involvement of the U.S. in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, we know that free trade agreements are crucial to growing markets and that these agreements do work. Below are two examples. Colombia After the Colombia Free Trade Agreement came into effect in 2012, exports to the country have continuously increased, with Colombia ranking the third largest customer for U.S. corn for the second straight year, … Read More »
  • Ethanol Exports
      According to a report from the Renewable Fuels Association, In 2015, the U.S. exported 836 million gallons of ethanol— identical to 2014’s volume and tied for the second-highest annual total on record. In 2015, American-made ethanol was exported to 76 countries on all six inhabited continents around the world.  An estimated 5.7% of total U.S. ethanol production was exported in 2015, the third-highest share in history. Exports accounted … Read More »
  • Trade Missions
    There are literally hundreds of buyers visiting Illinois every year, inspecting the corn crop as it grows and monitoring yields just as close as our local corn farmers.  Within the past year, representatives from Japan, China, Panama, Mexico, Korea, Dominican Republic, and all over Latin America have traveled to Illinois, learning about corn production in Illinois, logistics and transportation, and risk management.  Always, Illinois Corn is able to link international … Read More »
  • Partners
    Illinois Corn works with several important partners to accomplish our international/export goals. US Grains Council – Not only does the Illinois Corn Marketing Board provide funding to the US Grains Council, we also participate in learning opportunities with them, such as our recent mission to Panama.  National Corn Growers Association - The Illinois Corn Marketing Board also funds NCGA to lobby Congress in support of our … Read More »
  • Inftrastructure
    Barge Illinois ranks number 1 in the nation in corn exports because of our vibrant waterway transportation system.  Read more about our efforts to upgrade locks and dams here.Most of the corn leaving on a barge via the river is loaded into a container.  Containers are shipped to Asia and throughout the world.  Illinois Corn supports the development of container load-out facilities across the state to make better … Read More »
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