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Our Vision | Through their farmer-led organizations, Illinois corn farmers are continually positioned to create and capture profit opportunities, preserve their independence, and prosper for generations.

Whether it's through grassroots advocacy, or strategic investment of Illinois corn checkoff dollars, IL Corn strives to create a future for Illinois corn farmers where they can operate successfully, grow demand and foster an understanding of corn farmers and the industry.

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Members of the Illinois Corn Growers Association (ICGA) list "representation in Springfield, IL and Washington, DC" among the top three reasons they remain one of our over 4,000 members. And they are right! ICGA does a great job representing Illinois corn farmers on a state and a national level.

Illinois farmers have enjoyed the Yield Trend Endorsement, saving them money on their crop insurance, because of the work of ICGA. In fact, the work of ICGA contributed to the availability of crop insurance at all, as well as access to other farm programs, voluntary water quality standards, trade with other countries, and ethanol marketing opportunities.

Take a peek for yourself! We are doing great things for farmers ... and we'd love to do great things for you.

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