Established in 1972, ICGA is a grassroots membership organization with approximately 5,000 members. Because the Illinois Corn Marketing Act precludes the use of corn checkoff dollars for legislative activities, ICGA utilizes membership dues to sustain a notable legislative presence in Springfield, IL, and Washington, DC.


While Illinois Corn Marketing Board devotes resources to developing programs and materials geared toward corn market expansion, it takes ICGA volunteers to educate consumers and to represent the industry's best interests. The ICGA achieves these goals through the distribution of educational materials such as the Captain Cornelius comic books, grocery store and service station promotions, educational exhibits at state and county fairs, and working with statewide media on issues like ethanol


President - Aron Carlson, District 2

Vice President - Ted Mottaz, District 8

Treasurer - Mike Homerding, District 1

Secretary - Don Guinnip, District 12

Upcoming Meeting Dates:


  • November 19-20




  • January 21-23
  • February 26
  • June 4-5
  • August 21-22