How IL Corn Growers Association Positions Farmers to Grow

seat at the tableIL Corn Growers Association is a state-based organization that represents the interests of corn farmers in Illinois, maintaining a high profile on issues in Washington, DC, and Springfield, IL. Through grassroots advocacy, ICGA creates a future for Illinois farmers in which they can operate freely, responsibly, and successfully. In order to fulfill this mission, the organization conducts governmental affairs activities at all levels, market development projects, and educational and member service programs. Because the Illinois Corn Marketing Act precludes the use of corn checkoff dollars for legislative activities, ICGA utilizes membership dues to sustain a notable legislative presence in Springfield, IL, and Washington, DC.


While the Illinois Corn Marketing Board devotes resources to developing programs and materials geared toward corn market expansion, it takes ICGA volunteers to educate consumers and to represent the industry's best interests. The ICGA achieves these goals through the distribution of educational materials such as the Captain Cornelius comic books, grocery store and service station promotions, educational exhibits at state and county fairs, and working with statewide media on issues like ethanol.


Why is grassroots and your membership important to ICGA?

Grassroots members are the backbone of IL Corn as they represent the diverse interests and perspectives of corn growers across the state. Grassroots members provide valuable feedback based on their firsthand experiences on the farm.  This feedback serves as a vital resource for IL Corn to identify emerging issues, prioritize advocacy efforts, and develop effective strategies to address them. Decision-makers in Washington D.C. and Springfield are more likely to take seriously the concerns raised by a broad base of grassroots members who are directly impacted by agricultural policies.


Benefits of Becoming an IL Corn Growers Association Member


Meet your IL Corn Growers Association Board of Director leaders

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Upcoming Meeting Dates

  • January 17-18 - Quad Cities
  • February 28 - March 2 - Commodity Classic
  • June 4 - 5 - Bloomington
  • July 15 - 18 - Corn Congress
  • August 21 - 22 - St. Louis
Mission: Through grassroots advocacy, create a future for Illinois farmers in which they can operate freely, responsibly, and successfully.


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