Lindsay Mitchell

Aug 29, 2018  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Public Outreach

Mike Wurmnest of Deer Creek, Illinois was named the Field to Market Spotlight Farmer of the Year for 2018.  Mike is joined by four other farmers from across the nation to join in this honor.


The Wurmnest Farm in central Illinois illustrates the work that Midwest farmers are doing to implement the best farming practices for the sustainability of their farms.  Mike has also engaged in a strip-till “trial” comparing strip till with conventional tillage.  Mike’s work to evaluate strip-till in central Illinois led to his nomination for this award.


The results from Mike’s trial show that on average, strip-till brings better economic returns to the farmer than three-pass conventional tillage.  The lower direct cost numbers for strip-till are a result of lower N applications rates amongst strip-till farmers.  For farmers in central Illinois, strip-till has shown favorable economic return in addition to reduced risk of nutrient loss.


Mike continues to make adjustments to his management to get better seed to soil contact and feels as if he is still learning about the best practices on his farm.  Mike says he plans to continue farming until he gets it right.


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