IL Corn Leaders Elected to U.S. Grains Council

Tara Desmond

Aug 03, 2023  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Exports

For decades, IL Corn and the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) have forged a close partnership that has been invaluable to Illinois agriculture and farmers. Together, they have played a pivotal role in promoting the state's corn and ethanol exports, contributing significantly to the local economy and creating numerous job opportunities. Recently, the USGC elected its new board, and IL Corn is proud to announce that two Illinois farmers and former IL Corn Board Directors, Mark Wilson and Jim Reed, have earned positions on the board.


Illinois holds a prominent position in the corn industry, exporting nearly 50% of its corn out of state. The value of these corn exports amounts to a staggering $1.33 billion. Additionally, the state's ethanol exports contribute significantly to the economy, with a value of $245 million.


 Mark WilsonMark Wilson, farmer from Toulon, IL, has served as Innovation and Sustainability Advisory Team Lead and more recently as the Corn Sector Director on the USGC Board. Throughout his tenure, he has witnessed the impact of numerous joint projects between IL Corn and USGC. Reflecting on this collaboration, Mark states, "The partnership between IL Corn and USGC has been instrumental in opening doors to international markets, allowing us to showcase the quality of Illinois corn and corn products to consumers worldwide. As I take on the role of secretary on the USGC board for the next term, I am eager to continue our efforts in enhancing global trade and promoting the interests of U.S. farmers."


 Jim ReedJoining Mark and others on the USGC board is Jim Reed, from DeLand, IL. Elected as an At-Large Director, this marks Jim's first year serving on the USGC board. Expressing his excitement about the new role, Jim shares, "I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to represent Illinois farmers on the USGC board. The potential to make a difference internationally with our corn and ethanol exports is immense. Working alongside IL Corn and USGC, I am confident that we can continue to create growth opportunities for our agricultural community, while also contributing to global food security."


The longstanding partnership between IL Corn and the U.S. Grains Council has been pivotal in driving the success of Illinois agriculture on the global stage. With the recent election of Mark Wilson and Jim Reed to the USGC board, the collaboration is set to continue to strengthen.