IL Corn TV's New Season Launching April 1st: A Must-Watch for Farmers and Ag Enthusiasts

Tara D

Mar 29, 2024  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Public Outreach

IL Corn TV is gearing up for an exciting new season, set to premiere on April 1st on IL Corn's YouTube channel. This season promises a lineup of insightful interviews with experts from the agricultural industry and local farmers in Illinois. Whether you're deeply rooted in farming or simply intrigued by the world of agriculture, IL Corn TV's upcoming season is sure to catch your eye.


One of the reasons why YouTube is such a crucial platform for IL Corn to focus on is its vast reach and accessibility. YouTube boasts billions of users worldwide, making it an ideal space to connect with a diverse audience.

"I am incredibly excited about the upcoming launch of IL Corn TV's new season. This platform provides us with the opportunity to engage with fresh audiences in Illinois and beyond, sharing invaluable insights and firsthand experiences from the agricultural industry. It presents a thrilling chance to connect with fellow farmers, allies of farmers, and individuals keen on delving deeper into the crucial significance of agriculture within our communities," states Jon Rosenstiel, IL Corn Marketing Board Chair and Illinois farmer.


IL Corn TV's anticipation for the new season on April 1st is not just about the premiere but also the ongoing excitement as new episodes will be released every Monday. This schedule ensures a consistent flow of entertaining interviews and industry updates, keeping viewers engaged week after week.


One of the highlights that IL Corn is particularly thrilled about is the end of each segment, aptly titled "Not to be Corny." This segment adds a playful and corny twist to the end of each episode, offering a lighthearted conclusion. It's a clever nod to the agricultural focus of the show while injecting a bit of fun into the content, making it both educational and entertaining for viewers.