Japan Collaborates with IL Corn and Partners to Boost Ethanol Market and Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Collin Watters

Jun 15, 2023  |  ICMB |  Ethanol |  Exports

Japan is a major producer and consumer of gasoline.  IL Corn, in collaboration with partners in the ethanol industry and the US Grains Council, has prioritized this market for future ethanol export growth as Japan seeks to reduce its transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions.  Currently, Japan’s average ethanol blending rate is less than two percent, so on-road demand can easily grow in the near term.  Additionally, Japan is considering utilizing ethanol as a feedstock for future sustainable aviation fuel production.


This past week an ethanol mission was executed in conjunction with a larger USDA trade mission, which helped elevate the visibility of the biofuel.  In addition to meeting USDA and Embassy officials, participants met with Japanese policy makers, regulators, petroleum refiners and auto makers.  IL Corn staff also presented a fuel retailer with a letter from Department of Agriculture Director Jerry Costello and joined an opening ceremony for a new E7 pump – the first of its kind in Japan.  Participants shared the message that IL farmers and ethanol producers are ready to supply the growing demand for low carbon fuel ethanol in Japan and around the world.