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Bipartisanship Allows Policymakers to Make Positive Impacts

Brooke S. Appleton

February 24th, 2022  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Legislation & Regulation

When John Enns climbed up on his rye wicker on a beautiful day in 2004, he was looking forward to spending time in the field. Excited about riding his recently purchased equipment, he didn’t know...


Senator Duckworth Sets the Senate Record Straight on Ethanol

Lindsay Mitchell

February 17th, 2022  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Ethanol |  Legislation & Regulation

During yesterday’s U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works hearing, Senator Tammy Duckworth coordinated with Senators Ernst and Stabenow to set the record straight on the benefits of...


Public Notice


February 17th, 2022  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Legislation & Regulation

PUBLIC NOTICE   In accordance with Section 21 of the Illinois Corn Marketing Act, the Illinois Corn Marketing Board petitioned the Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture to conduct...


Letter to IL Corn Growers about Fertilizer Prices

Marty Marr

February 3rd, 2022  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Legislation & Regulation

Dear Illinois Corn Growers Association Members:   Farmers all over the state have struggled with fertilizer prices and availability this fall and winter.  On our farm, we fall-applied anhydrous...


Public Hearing to Consider Illinois Corn Checkoff Increase, Feb. 10

Lindsay Mitchell

February 1st, 2022  |  Today's News |  ICMB |  Legislation & Regulation

Director of the Illinois Department of Agriculture (“Department”), Jerry Costello II, invites Illinois corn producers to provide comments on a proposed corn checkoff referendum at a public...